Birthday cupcakes

These are choc. cupcakes iced with buttercream and topped with handmade roses and blessing. Ordered by Punitha for her boyfriend's birthday, hope he likes it !

Wedding cupcakes

These are vanilla choc chips cupcakes iced with crusting buttercream and topped with fondant heart shape and dragees for my cousin brother's wedding lunch. Last minute decided to bake the cupcakes so not much of decorations. I arranged them on my custom made stand, not bad huh ...

Simple cupcakes

9pcs L size choc & almond cupcakes with choc. buttercream & fondant deco. Also available in 16pcs set

Heart Themed cupcakes

These are special design cupcakes for a wedding lunch. I forgot to take a picture after i've arranged them on cupcake stand. Custom made cupcake stand is available for hire too......

Feedback from customer : Its nice and appetizing !

Animal Character Cupcakes

Repeat order from Jasmine for house warming. This time she ordered the special design cupcake and variety of muffins. Thanks again Jasmine for her support !

Animal Themed cupcake

Birthday cupcakes for a 5 yrs old boy to bring to school !
Feedback from customer : The vanilla cupcakes tasted so good and the children like it so much with the cute animals.

Girly Theme cupcake

for a lady who turn 21 !!
Feedback from customer : it's very nice=) i like it alot, lots of friends say very nice... thanks!

Moon cake

mini cartoon mooncake

shanghai mooncake
Mooncakes are chinese pastries traditionally eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival. The Festival is for lunar worship and moon watching, moon cakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy on this occasion. Mooncakes are offered between friends or family gatherings while celebrating the festival.

Flower & bear

Another set of order from Joanne, for her 7 yrs old daughter, she prefer flowers & bears.
Thnx Joanne for ordering 2 sets at a same time !

Sports Themed cupcake

An order from Joanne, for her 10 yrs old boy birthday.