Baby Boy Hayden Fullmoon Gift Pack

25pcs and 4pcs medium size cupcakes each ordered by Jessie Lam for her baby boy full moon.

Baby Boy Fullmoon Gift Pack

Baby themed gift pack and individual gift box ordered by Ms Choy.  

Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie doll cake covered with fondant and decorated with gumpaste ribbon and frills. Special price at RM80.00 from 20 June 2011 - 30 July 2011. Colours and design may change upon request.

Happy Birthday to Kai Ching - Fruits Themed

4" and 6" tier cake and 16pcs medium cupcakes ordered by Jayson for Kai Ching's birthday. My 1st attempt of making fondant fruits and i really satisfy with the outcome.

Happy Birthday to Fei Fei Jun - Sexy themed

16pcs medium size cupcakes ordered by Wan for her friend.

Happy 1st Birthday to Jeremy

small cupcakes ordered by Keng Leng for her son's 1st birthday.

Happy Birthday to Evelyn - Bear Themed

Ordered by Jayson  for his friend's birthday.

2011 端午節快樂 ! Happy Dumpling Festival 2011 !

3/6 趁有空當,赶快买齊包粽子的材料 4/6裹粽子。2公斤的糯米,裹了40个粽子。有些大一点,有些小一点,手艺還待進步。
这次买的糯米要RM5.00 一公斤,還蠻貴下,記得去年才賣RM3.80吧了, 老闆娘說這是上等米很好吃也很快熟,真的,我煮了兩个小时就熟了。今年裹的粽子有比去年好吃的多了,味道剛剛好。传统的粽子,还是最好吃的 !

Dumpling Festical also known as Dragon Boat Festival. In the Chinese language, it’s usually referred to as the Duan Wu Festival. The making of dumplings is a long and tedious process, which involves preparation of glutinous rice and the filling, which includes pork, chinese mushroom, nuts, salted egg yolk, chinese sausage and other delicious things 

Happy Birthday to Louis Low - 1 year old

A 6" fondant cake, 16pcs 3D animal cupcakes and 30pcs chocolate cake ball ordered by Linda Lee. Thank you for your continuos support.
set up at the venue.