Spongebob & Friends

Baked a chocolate moist cake with spongebob & friends for my niece's birthday. Spongebob is one of her favourite cartoon character.

Happy Family Cake - Jia Tung's Birthday

Cindy Lim ordred this 8" orange butter cake for her daughter Jia Tung 2nd birthday. She sent me some pictures on similar design she wants. And here it goes, "Home Sweet Home".

Birthday Cupcakes - Ultraman

25pcs medium cupcakes with ultraman edible image ordered by Ann.

Birthday Cupcakes with branded stuff

Who say cannot have branded stuffs on cupcakes ?? This set of 16pcs cupcakes ordered by Karen Tan for her daughter Mindy and herself.

Birthday Cupcakes & Cookies Pot

Small cupcakes and fondant cookies pot ordered by Esther Yee for her son to bring to school.

Princess Themed Cupcakes

Princess themed cupcakes ordered by Cindy Ng.

Children Fondant Cake - Ultraman

This 6" chocolate cake ordered by Esther Yee. She wanted an ultraman cos her son like it very much. And here the simple design for Edwin.  

Flower Themed Cupcakes

Flower themed cupcakes ordered by Karen Tan for her daughter to bring to school. Hope she likes it.

Boob Cake

Wowowo..... another naughty cake ordered by Linda, she just mentioned naughty & sexy and let me have the free design. I sent her a sample of boob cake and told her that m gonna challenge this cake for her friend 'Jenny'. And here the result, they like it very much !!

Adult Naughty Cake

This order came from Linda, my regular customer who really support my cake !!! She wanted a naughty cake this time for her friend 'Virginia'. I roughly had an idea in mind when she inform me about the cake design. Hehehe..... and here it goes. 

Bearies & Flower Themed

Bearies & flower cupcakes and fondant cookies ordered by Ms Lee, She said she missed the cupcakes i baked for her baby's fullmoon last year. Time really flies and she still remember my 'cupcakes'. Thanks ya !

Flower Pot Cookies

Fondant cookies ordered by Cherynn Tan to her friend, Crystal's birthday on 9 Nov 2010.

Fancy Fondant Cookies

60pcs fondant cookies with assorted design ordered by Serene Kok for birthday.

David & Jennifer's Wedding

6" chocolate cake and 8" butter cake ordered by Jennifer. Decorate with store bought sugar flowers and satin ribbon.

Fondant creative cake - Hayden's Birthday

6" orange butter cake ordered by Alice Lim for her son's 2 yr old birthday.

Birthday cupcakes

Medium cupcakes with ultraman themed ordered by Angeline.

Birthday cupcakes

Small cupcakes ordered by Linda. Thank you for your continuos support !!

Sexy & Naughty Cupcakes for boss

This order from one of my customer's sister - Yvonne who wants to surprise the boss with sexy and naughty themed cupcakes on his birthday. I am sure he likes the cupcakes with big boobs... 'wink' 'wink'  !!

Assorted cupcakes for children day

Small cupcakes with assorted design ordered by Linda again for her daughter to bring to school. Thank you for your continuos support.