Happy B'day to Wei Han - Angry Bird Theme

8" chocolate cake and 25pcs medium cupcakes with angry bird themed ordered by Mr Lim from Bayu Klang.

Birthday Cuppies - Car Logo Themed

16pcs large cupcakes ordered by Eileen for her Dear B'day. My 1st attempt of making car logo design all done with free hand ! The rainny days making my life pain when the fondant turn sticky after few hours. Hopefully Eileen and her boyfriend like the design i've made for them !

Happy Birthday to Sue - Cow themed

25pcs medium cupcakes ordered by Lulu Shim. Specially request with light blue base and cow design.

5 Tiers Wedding Cake and cupcakes

An 6" cake and 90pcs small cupcakes with daisy flowers ordered by Michelle Lim, the Bride.  

pictures sent by Michelle.
Customer Feedback : Eunice, thank you so much for the wonderful cupcakes! The purple daisies are very lovely :)And daisy flower symbolise purity, loyal love, patience and simplicity....exactly what we need to have in every marriage. My guests loved it very much :)

Thank you for the comment, hope to hear from you again in near future !

Happy 3rd B'day to Ynez - Minnie themed

An 8" dark chocolate cake and 16pcs minnie themed cupcakes ordered by Nicholas, friend of Yee Ling. A Minnie figurine will be provide by Nicholas to be place on the top of cake which i have a little small space for it. Thanks Yee Ling for the recommendation and Thank you Nicholas for your order.

Baby Christon Full Moon

Baby full moon gift pack and mini cake ordered by Siew Ping. Gift pack consists of 4 std cupcakes with baby themed. Managed to snap a photo of mini cake only as rushing for delivery.

Happy B'day to Yi Zac

Angry Bird Themed cupcakes ordered by Chole Lim.