Baby Full Moon

Large size vanilla & coffee cupcakes topped with buttercream and fondant accents.Ern Yuein ordered these special gift box for her baby boy's full moon. The 2 reserved cups for red eggs.  

Birthday cupcake - flower & heart

roses & cherry blossom

shoes & handbag

Ordered by Ms Ng for her mom's birthday. vanilla & coffee cupcakes topped with coffee buttercream and fondant decorations

Birthday cupcake

16pcs chocolate cupcake topped with choc ganache ordered by Ann. Once again, thank you for the repeating order.

CNY cookies 2010

Pineapple Roll
    Mix Grain Flakes
Double Choc Mint Cookie
Pineapple Tart    Peanut cookie
Mocha Delight

                                                                 Gift pack

Please place your order before 31.01.2010 and delivery can be arrange from 01.02.2010 onwards

Fancy cupcakes

25 packs consist of 2pcs a pack with lady bird and mushroom decorations ordered by Evy.

Birthday cupcakes

Lemon cupcakes with creamcheese topping and fondant decorations ordered by Elyna. Love, kissess, Ipod, laptop, croc shoes...etc for birthday boy Jean.
Feedback from customer : The cupcakes look nice and appealing although is a little bit sweet.  

Baby Full Moon

50pcs individual pack and 29 boxes consist of 8 medium size cupcakes, 2 red eggs & 2 angkos ordered by Alye. Thank you.