Small Birthday cupcakes - Flower & Heart Themed

The last minute order and last order for the month of July that i rec'd from 麗絲 and among her friends. she doesn.t mind to have simple flowers & hearts with Happy Bday wishing. Hope 'FF" like the simple design on the cupcakes. 

New design for baby full moon

from left : baby with stroller, milk bottle & bib

from left : foot print, rattle & rocking horse

Just got my new gadget from UK ! These are new design for baby full moon. Size of each figure is approximately 2cm and suitable for decoration on small cupcakes !

Happy Anniversary with Princess & 7 dwarfs

These cupcakes ordered by Jenny to celebrate 1st anniversary with her boyfriend. This is real challenge & fun to make the 7 dwarfs ! Wish both of them have a good memory in celebrating thier anniversary !  

Baby Girl Full Moon

Cupcakes for baby fullmoon pack is getting more & more popular nowadays as they look even more attractive than traditional menu of curry chicken & nasi kunyit. Price is starting from RM10.00 and above on the quantity and design of your choice. You may also request for other combination be it just cupcakes & red eggs. 

26 boxes with 6 medium cupcakes & 2 red eggs and 2 boxes 49pcs small cupcakes ordered by Mrs Kang for her baby girl Carys's full moon. 

Cake & Cupcakes Tiers Stand

Perfect for weddings, birthdays and celebrations of all kinds.
This stand can be configured as a 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 or 2 tier display.
Please email : for more informations.

                                      cupcake capacity        No of cupcakes     Stand height
- Tier 1 140mm 5.5"      4 -- --

2 Tier 2 190mm 7.5"      8                                 12                          106mm

3 Tier 3 240mm 9.5"     12                                24                          209mm

4 Tier 4 290mm 11.5"   16                                40                          312mm

5 Tier 5 349mm 13.5"   20                                60                          415mm

6 Tier 6 390mm 15.5"   24                                84                          518mm

7 Tier 7 440mm 17.5"   28                                112                        621mm

Baby full moon for twins

Mummy of Rayden & Jayden ordered these small size vanilla & chocolate cupcakes for gift away. What a coincidence, i am baking two orders on the same day for twins !!

Super mario with twins

Small cupcakes ordered by Sarrah for her twins Eason & Easean birthday ! Sarrah mentioned any design will do as long as for boys. So i created super mario for them , hope they will like it ! 

2D Animal cupcakes

25pcs medium size cupcakes in box and 25pcs individual pack in dome container. The cupcakes ordered by Sharon from Jenjarom

C+c Charity Bazaar

Creative & Charity Bazaar at Berjaya Times Square ! Thats me with my booth display.

Anniversary Cupcakes

16pcs medium cupcakes ordered by Wan Chiew to celebrate with her boyfriend on 6th anniversary !

2 Tier Stack Cake - Wedding

6" and 8" butter cake deco with fondant, gumpaste flowers & royal icing.