Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Strawberry cake with freshcream ordered by Yee Ling. Thanks for the order again !!
Feedback from customer :  Thanks again for the YUMMY strawberry chocolate cake.  It is nice and not sweet.
My daughter's friends love it.

Dark Chocolate Cake

6" double height dark chocolate cake deco with sugar flowers & white chocolate.

Birthday Cupcakes - Princess Themed

Yee Ling sending the photos to me with cupcakes placed on a nice cupcake holder !! Thank you so much !!

32pcs vanilla & chocolate cupcakes ordered by Yee Ling. Special request on princess themed with pink & purple colours.

Happy Birthday - Girly Themed

These cupcakes ordered by Samantha for her friend's Siew Qi birthday. Special request on girly stuffs, hope the birthday girl likes it !!

Baby Full Moon

Full moon gift pack ordered by Chuah, special request in purplish themed.

Elmo & friends celebrate Ee Jay's Birthday

This order came in a short notice by Ee Jay's Mummy. I only have few hours  to bake & made the figures as i have 3 more orders to go on the same day ! It was a chocolate cake and special request from Mummy Sean to have some strawberry and grapes and here it goes... :-) Hope she likes it .. :-)

This picture was from Sean. Can you spot the different ?? Yeah, the No 1 is different because i accidently broke the 1 when shifting the cake into box.. made a new one immediately !  


6' marble cake & 12 medium cupcakes ordered by Jaclyn's friend for celebration Mother's Day !!

Heart Themed

6" marble cake & 12 medium vanilla cupcakes deco with heart themed ordered by Jaclyn for celebration double joy !

Gift Pack Sample

Sample gift pack - large & medium size.

Girly Themed Birthday Cupcake

36pcs small vanilla cupcake topped with chocolate ganache ordered by Jia Wen. she requested some girly stuffs like shoes, handbag, makeup kit & etc.... 
 Customer Feedback : we love the cake lots even it's a bit too sweet for me.. but it's really pretty..

i uploaded a pic of the cake to my facebook and many ppl like it.. gave them ur blog address..hope can bring more business to u xD thx =D

Mother's Day Sponge Cupcake

Freshcream and blueberry paste spngecupcake ordered by Serene for mother's day celebration. Thanks Serene for repeat order again.  

Happy 1st Birthday - Animal themed

Sammi is turning 1 so mommy Sumi want something special for her little girl... an 8" chocolate cake and 16pcs vanilla cupcakes with 3d animal themed. All the figurines are made of fondant & gumpaste.

Happy Birthday 宝贝

These medium size vanilla cupcake ordered by Sam for his girl friend's birthday. He requested design with heart & star and with the wishing "Happy Birthday 宝贝". I added 2 little bear & bows on the cupcakes. Hope she likes it ! All made out of fondant & gumpaste.