Birthday cupcakes - Garden themed

25pcs medium size chocolate cupcakes with choc ganache and fondant flowers ordered by Ms Chin from Cheras.
Customer Feedback : Thanks eunice for the beautiful friend like it very much! The taste is so nice, once again thanks! ^^

Baby Full Moon

Another order from Shirley, 23 boxes 6 medium cupcakes, 2 red eggs & 2 angkoos for her baby girl full moon. She also ordered 2 boxes 49pcs small cupcakes for her workers and another her son to bring to nursery.       


Baked a tiramisu for my mum's birthday. She doesnt like butter or chocolate cake but she enjoy this tiramisu, didnt tell her that this cake made of mascarpone cheese otherwise she may not eat it !

Mothers' & Fathers' Day Special - Cake Truffles

Cake Truffles are sometimes knows as "Cake Balls" or Cake Bites". Cake truffles are a combination of cake (already baked) mixed with frostings and flavorings to create a moist, flavorful interior. And then by hand dip them in chocolate coating. The process is labor-intensive, but the result is wonderfully delectable!
Now available at RM20.00 @ box for celebration of Mothers' &  Fathers' Day !! For those who are interested to try this 'bon-bon', please place your order in 3 days advance !!  

Vehicle Cake

My 1st attempt of making vehicle cake. Is real hard to sculpt & deco a shape cake instead of just a normal round or square cake. This is a chocolate cake frost with choc buttercream and deco with fondant accents. Hope I would not dissapoint Shirley & her family !

Customer Feedback : Dear Eunice, thx for make that car shape cake. My father-in-law said very delicious. My kids love it, but the tyre like pancit already. So I told my father-in-law that :"the car packing & wait u too long now tyre pancit"...
Thanks Shirley  for sending this nice photo to me !

Girly theme birthday cupcakes

49pcs vanilla & chocolate small cupcakes ordered by Boey. She wants something similar like my previous order - girly themed birthday cupcakes. I have added some new design here, bikini & glove.. hope she likes it !
Customer feedback : Hi,Eunice, Thx for ur cupcakes. My family and friends all say very nice & special. The cupcakes is really nice to see and nice to eat~ Tq very much~i like it very much.

Birthday cupcakes

Serene requested something related to car mechanic for her dad's birthday.

Customer feedback : Thank you for making such a nice & delicious cup cakes... my family loves it.. especially my son... he likes the battery! but after eaten back home thrown all out!!
Oh dear... i wonder what happen ?? Is he alright now ..worried

Cake & cupcake - 80 大寿

These 6" cake & cupcakes ordered by Kelly for her grandmother 80 大寿. The cherry blossom, peach & chinese character "寿" symbolizes longevity.

Dark chocolate cake

6" dark chocolate cake for Jing Yee's teacher who is going to further her study

Sexy & naughty cupcakes

Received a request from a customer who specifically want something sexy and cute series of cupcakes to surprise her colleagues on her farewell party !  Hmm.. this is my 1st time of doing the sexy thingy and it was fun making it !! Besides the naughty cuppies, i've made some 2D animals & simple flower cupcakes for the children too, sorry kids u have to be 18PL to enjoy the naughty series !!

Transformer cake & cupcake

Edible image for the vanilla cupcakes and a 6" chocolate cake transformer for Aidan's birthday. 
Customer feedback : Children love the cuppies + the cake...thanks
Thanks for Jeannie's effort for sending the photos of birthday boy !