2012 Christmas Cake

Fondant Creation Cake
Brownie Cream Cheese
Gingerbread Man
Fruit Cake
These are the cakes and gingerbread man i made for christmas !!!

Chinese New Year 2013 Cookies 新年饼

Pre order for Chinese New Year cookies. Interested, please sms/whatsapp : 010-2941233 or email to : eunicequah@hotmail.com Thank you
Closing order : 20 Jan 2013
Collect from 28 Jan 2013 till 8 Feb 2013

1)double chocolate chips almond cookies 巧克力立杏仁曲奇 RM18.00
2)nestum raisin cookies 麦片葡萄干饼 RM18.00
3)cranberry nuts cookies 红莓杏仁曲奇 RM18.00
4)almond crisp 杏仁酥脆 RM22.00 recommend
5)mix grain crisp 杏仁太阳花耔酥 RM20.00 recommend
6)green pea cookies 青豆饼 RM16.00
7)bee nest 蜜蜂窝 RM16.00
8)seaweed crisp RM12.00 *premium seaweed (new) recommend
9)almond chocolate RM12.00 +-20PCS (new)
*estimated 30 - 40pcs per container (subject to size of cookies)

almond/almond sunflower seed crisp杏仁酥脆

bee nest 蜜蜂窝

green pea cookies 青豆饼

Almond chocolate
seaweed crisp

nestum raisin cookies
double chocolate chip cookies

Wedding buffet at Restaurant Windmill

Worked out with Restaurant Windmill Bkt Tinggi with their package to supply cakes and tartlets.   

Issac's 8th birthday

Picture from Ann
An 8inch butter cake with blueberry filling and 60pcs medium cupcakes with edible image ordered by Ann. Cake and cupcakes display on a custom made stand.