Edible Image cupcakes

Ordered by Ms Teh. She is bringing the cupcakes back to Penang !!

Star & Heart Themed

A repeat order by Ms Wong for a gathering, 49pcs vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache and fondant accents.
Suppose to put all 49pcs in one box but because the small souffle cups running out of stock so i used a slightly bigger fancy souffle cups to bake the cakes and the box can only accomodate 36pcs instead of 49pcs and i have put in two separate boxes, hope she doesn't mind.

Birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes with hand written chinese wishes "Happy Birthday Mum" requested by Ms Tan from Klang. She informed me that the cupcakes are more likely for kids, so i came out some racing cars, bear, elephant and caterpillar in last minute. And since is her mum's birthday, i decided to made some roses for her mummy too, hope she likes it. The fondant accents seems getting to 'melt' as last minute confirm of order and rainny days.



My colleague ordered vanilla choc chips and double choc choc chips muffins

Baby Full Moon

This full moon box consist of 6pcs vanilla and chocolate flavour cupcake, 2 red eggs and a pack of candy. Sally ordered 33 boxes for her baby boy's full moon.


Wishing all of you Merry Christmas and Happy 2010 New Year !

Christmas Themed 2009

25pcs & 6pcs pack Christmas Themed cupcakes ordered by Lilian

Garden theme cupcake

Medium size vanilla with blueberry filling cupcakes ordered by Sue.

Wedding Cupcakes Tower

100pcs vanilla & choc cupcakes and a 6" fondant cake ordered by Jane for her wedding dinner.

Christmas cupcake collection 2009

This perfect gift box comes with 6pcs large size specially handcrafted christmas themed cupcakes. Bring joy and cheer to your family and friends with this limited edition gift box with a special price at RM18.00 only.
Available by order only with atleast 3 days in advance. Colour of box : Red or Gold. (subject to stock availability) 

Fancy cupcakes

Fancy cupcakes