Merry Christmas 2009 !

"Jingle bell, Jingle bell" It's just around the corner ! Lots of delicious cookies, cakes, cupcakes and muffins to be bake. Let these good Ole' crunchy double chocolate mint cookies that melts in your mouth. And also, we'll be offering Christmas themed goodies, let's all enjoy Christmas-shaped and colored wonderful delights together. Stay tuned for more coming up goodies ya !

Cake & cupcake combo

This is a 6" marble cake & 6 pcs of cupcake set iced with buttercream and cover with fondant. Design and colours may choose up to your preference.

Baby Full Moon

Another set of 16pcs medium size cupcake ordered by Neisher.. requested with blessing word of 'family', 'happiness', 'wealth' & 'health'. The words written by edible colour marker.. no worry can eat want ! The rest of decorations are made of fondant & gumpaste.

Animal Themed cupcake

Ordered by Neisher for her son's full moon party.. chocolate & vanilla small size cupcakes.

Baby Full Moon

A sample set for baby full moon gift pack.

Happy Family

For those who dont like buttercream and sweet, these sponge cupcakes are light & delicate with less icing.

A mixture design

Orange cupcake with a mixture design requested. The little tiny orange crocs shoes is one of my favourite !

Animal Character Cupcakes

It seems that the animal figurines are a BIG hit for adult and kid !!