Rayden's 1ST Birthday


Happy 21ST Birthday

                                               3d chocolate cake for a 21st birthday

Minnie Theme Cake

                                                        6 inch vanila butter cake with fondant

Baby Hay Lee's Fullmoon

Baby Fullmoon Giftpacks -2pcs medium cupcakes with announcement sticker and ribbon


                                                    Tiramisu with Irish Baileys Cream

 Feedback from customer : The cake taste lovely.. I just managed to taste it today, will definitely order from you next !! 

Baby Eleanor's Fullmoon

                                       vanila butter and chocolate cupcakes deco with fondant
                                        chocolate ganache and mix fruits cupcakes

Pocoyo Themed

                                    A 6inch & 8inch stack cake with Pocoyo Themed for Keshanya 1st birthday. Also c/w matching cupcakes.

Feedback from customer : The cake was really nice and everybody loved it. Thank you so much. God bless. Pamesh

Homemade Sweet Buns

                                    chocolate flower buns
                                    roti papa
                                    coconut sugar bun
                                   ham chips bun
                                       cheesy butter bun
                                     red bean bun 

                                      sausage bun


Wedding Cake Tiers

                        Puca & Maru Wedding Cake Tiers. This is an 8inch chocolate cake with matching cupcakes on a custome made cake stand.  

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

                Hello kitty cupcakes to match Hello Kitty Theme Birthday Party

Happy 1st Birthday to Aeris

                                             8inch chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling.